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Virtual Design and Construction Studio

ArchiLab has a embraced  Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Virtual Reality (VR) to let you fully understand the design process. We digitally model the design until all parties are happy before we step foot on site.

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Building Information Modelling

It is way of working, managing information in a team environment, enabling everyone to understand a building through the use of a digital model. The digital model holds all the information needed to design, construct and maintain that building.

The Design Process

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Concept Design

"It all starts with an idea"

We sketch out an idea that gets worked until we are ready to model in 3D


3D Modelling with BIM

It's a whole lot easier to visualize in 3D

Our Virtual Design and Construction Studio is where the magic happens


Full Bill of Quantities

Time and Money

The two most important criteria for a smooth project are Time & Money. Buy digitising the complete process we are to assign Metadata to all the elements involved in the process and get to 100% Costing


Complete Transparency

By using the advanced platform developed by Becker Create to track all the elements that make up a project we are able to provide complete transparency into the whole process

Virtual Reality

Know what you're getting. We create an awesome VR experience so that you can fully understand the total design. If there are changes to be made we do it here in the digital world.


Next Steps...

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